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    Our brand has a dedication to the most effective, natural medicinal products. From herbal to homeopathic medicine, we sell medicine and organic personal care products that are safe for your body.
    We also sell natural products to take care of your pets. Our company sells homeopathic, herbal, and natural medicine for your household animals. Humans and animals deserve holistic medicine for healthy, happy living.
    Based in Prince George, British Columbia, Medpure Herbs & Homeopathy has the widest selection of homeopathic medicine and herbal supplements for our customer's diverse needs. We pride ourselves on organic products to aid our clients in their health journe

Our Services

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Health Supplements

Vitamins and health supplements are a great way to ensure that you get all the nutritional support you need throughout the day. Our company focuses on implementing natural medicine into clients' everyday lives, promoting overall health and wellness. We provide only the best naturopathic supplements aligned with our holistic medicine company.

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Organic Personal Care Products

We are always looking to provide expert care and natural products for our clients with your health in mind. One of our most popular offerings is our organic personal care products, formulated around our passion for natural medicine. Caring for your body and skin with naturally-sourced products is essential to your daily self-care routine. We are the right holistic care provider for customers who require skincare items, herbal medicine, or natural supplements.

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Essential Oils

Our company also provides quality, natural essential oils for our customers. While essential oils are now mainstream in the natural and herbal medicine worlds, our company will offer a variety of scents and oils that surpass your ordinary offerings. We have the best collection of natural medicine and organic personal care products to avoid chemicals from your average pharmacy.

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Natural Pet Medicine

Holistic medicine should extend into every facet of life, including the care of your household pets. Medpure Herbs & Homeopathy provides customers in Prince George, BC with natural pet medicine for their furry friends that often feel like family. Using natural cures to help restore your animals to health, we sell both homeopathic pet medicine and herbal pet medicine, depending on symptoms and personal preference.

Homeopathic Medicine

If you're looking for the best homeopathic medicine around, you've come to the right place. We will treat you with only the most holististic and natural medicines around. We ensure that we take into account everything that is happening within your body and do our best to solve any problem you may be facing. Call us today for more information!



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I’ve been getting their products for years. I started going because I was depressed + really bad anxiety and was recommended to go see this place. I was sceptical thinking it wouldn’t work, within 3 days my mother and I noticed a change in me and that I was motivated again to start doing basic daily tasks. Definitely talk to the staff they will help you find what suits you best!

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The product does ...
The product does help and you get a tax receit for the products you buy and great service. The products have amazing prices too.

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Susanna is awesom...
Susanna is awesome! Very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, and friendly. She provided the info and products we needed at a reasonable cost. She also delivers worldwide! I'd recommend going to see her for age-old remedies that truly help. It's only been 3 days and I'm seeing positive results from the tincture I bought.

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